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A Fire, The Circle, Jealousy, Canopy, Closed Curtain, The Congress

A Most Wanted Man (Corbijn, 2014, A-)
Expert filmmaking on all levels. Tense and twitchy in the most unexpected moments, subtle and effective in handling expositions, and incredibly intelligent in challenging vague notions such terrorism and international safety. 

The Mirror (Panahi, 1997, B)
Although a lesser film than Panahi's directing debut, The Mirror is an indicator of the filmmaker's evolving voice taking a more persona shape and gradually departing from Kiarostami's towering influence on him.

Fifi Howls From Happiness (Farahani, 2014, B+) (review)
A dialogue between two artists, one behind and one in front of the camera, that is clever, funny, heartbreaking and outrageous. This rumination on the work of avant-garde painter and sculptor, Bahman Mohasses, is a succinct snapshot of the tumultuous and dynamic environment of the world of Iranian contemporary art.

The Dog (Keraudren, Berg, 2013, C) (review)
At times entertaining, but also consistently meaningless.



  1. So glad you watched and liked The Selfish Giant! That blurb sounds like more than a "B," though. If you had more space, what would you single out as less impressive about the film?

    1. Nick - B's are really good in my books and I was tinkering with a fine B/B+ margin and in fact I think I'll update it to that on second thought. The momentum I mention in my blurb builds a little too slowly in my opinion, to the point where Arbor's characterization was beginning to feel a little bit one-note. Everything after Swifty's first horse race is pitch perfect though. The last 20 minutes really shook me. I'm looking forward to seeing it again.